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-: Insurance Investigation Services to find out if there's fraud. Find out for sure today!
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-: 1 in 3 Americans adults have a criminal record. Make sure you know what they think you don't.
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-: Sometimes it’s not your imagination - let us get the proof so you know for sure

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Premier Investigations, LLC

Premier Investigations, LLC is a licensed and insured Private Investigative firm that offers over 20 years of Investigative Experience as a prior Law Enforcement Officer. The firm is knowledgeable in a wide range of professional investigative skills to include my ability to read, write and speak Spanish which will help cater to the Spanish Speaking community.

For nearly two decades we have provided effective and responsive security and surveillence solutions for thousands of individuals, businesses, insurance companys and legal firms.

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With nearly two decades of experience, We deliver

premium security and surveillence

We are experienced, licensed, and government trained professional agents dedicated to providing our clients in depth and accurate investigations suited to your specific needs.

Awards and Commendations

Agency Citations

-: Our agency employs a diverse group of highly skilled Specialists & Field Operatives within the state of Washington.
All of our Specialists and Field Operatives have previously received formal training through Federal, State and Local agencies. All have former Government Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement and/or Security training in their respective backgrounds.

    Medal of Valor

    The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor is the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by public safety officers in the United States, comparable to the military's Medal of Honor.

    Governor's Award

    Premier Investigations, LLC received the Governor's Award for Organizational Learning and Growth, and Public Benefit and Value.

    Medal of Commednation

    The Commendation Medal is a mid-level United States military decoration which is presented for sustained acts of heroism or meritorious service.

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-: We are a licensed and insured Private Investigative agency in the state of Washington.

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