Protecting Citizen’s Rights

Civil Services

-: Premier Investigation's mission is that of protecting your citizen’s rights. This is the utmost importance to us, and thus we perform a myriad of civil investigations to safeguard you and your family from any form of unethical activity.
Premier Investigations is a highly skilled and experienced detective agency, with the ability to ensure that the investigation is conducted in a discreet yet entirely legal manner. Conducting the investigation yourself may save you time and funding, yet you will not be safe from potential repercussions in the long-term should anything go wrong.

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Armed Security

We are not just guys with guns. We are professionally trained, certified, and tactically educated security professionals who care and protect those who require assistance. We are at attention 24/7 for your security.

Background Checks

Background checks put a person into factual context of both their personal past and present. This insight verifies and proves information offering a clear view into individuals attempting to cover up thier past.

Child Custody Evidence

Child Custody/Visitation Investigations are undertaken to determine if the “Other” Parent is treating your child properly, ensuring their safety and protecting them from improper or dangerous environments.

Civil Suits

It's not what you say in the court of law that get's a win, it's what you can prove. Premier Investigaitons knows the law, and offers solutions in providing proof recognized by all court's of law.

Closed Cases

State officials have a long list of pending investigations; its no wonder so many cases end up on the wayside which is why many choose Premier Investigations to take on their case to ensure absolute attention.

Divorce Evidence

Premier Investigations understands that sometimes married couples take different paths. We are here and on your side to help you gather information to help your divorce run smoothly with validated proof to each claim.

Have Someone Followed

Sometimes you need to know more for the sake of your family's security. From infidenlity to drug addictions, Premier Investigations follows and documents any subject's typical day or activiies for your security and/or piece of mind.

Lost Friend

Sometimes you are just looking to find a childhood friend or old colleague who isn't on Facebook or Instagram. Premier Investigations offers a long list of resources and archives which date long before and well outside of social media.

Missing Persons

Do you need to find someone? Our missing person search seeks to locate parties who may or may not want to be found. The missing person search is used to find long lost friends, lovers, and relatives. Use a professional for accurate results.

Phone Searches

The most common source of an individual's guilt is their mobile device. Unfortunately sec

Spanish Interviews

Our team is 100% fluent in both English and Spanish Mexcian languages which not only ensures quick and steady communication, but also ensures accurate translation to ensure key factors are not misunderstood.

Undercover Operations

Going undercover is sometimes the most effective way in catching criminals at work. Our expereinced team has conducted this for decades and knows how and what to successfully execute covert operations.

What makes us different:

Tactical Foresight

We use a combination of industry experience and skill set along side advanced technology to quickly and discreetly gather evidence. We are licensed, bonded, and insured; and we offer complete detection, surveillence, and security detail.
  • Surveillance Investigations

    We know where to look for clues and have consistantly provided successful results that exceeded our clients expectations.
  • Missing Persons Investigation

    We are detectives who know what to avoid when locating people that do not want to be found or cannot be located.
  • Social Media Investigations

    There may be material on the internet that could damage your reputation or prove a threat to your business
  • Attorneys and Legal Teams

    Whether you need to hire a private investigator to conduct a witness interview or find a missing witnesses or look for we can help.

Awards and Commendations

Agency Citations

-: Our agency employs a diverse group of highly skilled Specialists & Field Operatives within the state of Washington.
All of our Specialists and Field Operatives have previously received formal training through Federal, State and Local agencies. All have former Government Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement and/or Security training in their respective backgrounds.
  • Medal of Valor

    The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor is the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by public safety officers in the United States, comparable to the military's Medal of Honor.
  • Governor's Award

    Premier Investigations, LLC received the Governor's Award for Organizational Learning and Growth, and Public Benefit and Value.
  • Medal of Commednation

    The Commendation Medal is a mid-level United States military decoration which is presented for sustained acts of heroism or meritorious service.

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