Surveillance & Security

Business Services

-: Premier Investigators serves the needs of Pacific Northwest businesses large and small by bringing to the table years of experience from investigators with experience as undercover operatives and loss prevention.
We help businesses develop the information their executives and lawyers need to minimize financial risks, prepare for a trial, identify and reduce security threats, research potential merger partners or acquisition targets, and uncovering and addressing problems created by off-work behavior of key personnel. We Respond to requests, subpoenas, and demands from government regulators appropraitely and accurately. We help you hire new executives with confidence while cleaning up and address workplace problems as quickly and efficiently as possible and determine how they can henceforth be avoided. Our work-product consists of well-written, thorough, and easy-to-digest reports which save you time when reviewing how we save you money.

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Armed Security

Private security is unfortunate reality required for VIP or high profile members. Premier offers tactical and descrete undercover security support for VIP's desiring VIP security in the Pacific Northwest Region.

Background Checks

Background checks are an important investigative tool in numerous situations. Putting a person in the context of their personal history can help you verify information and base your decisions on facts vs suspciions.

Due Dilligence

Premier Investigations offers examination of company’s management, finances, performance, mission, history, clients, and other factors detailing how a business functions revealing hidden liabilities; ideal for business buyers or partnerships.

Emergency Action Plans

You never know what or when something will happen until its too late. Prevention plans your team sharp, but feeling safer. Our solutions help prepare for a multitude of scenarios depending on your workplace.

Employee Interviews

Our team has experience, education, and knowledge on how and what to ask to both back track crimes and ultimately capturing criminals on stated record. Using our training ensures success with your objective.

Fraud Investigations

Undercover Surveillance the most effective way in catching fraud in the act. Our expereinced team has conducted this for decades and knows how and how to fully and successfully execute effective surviellance.

Have Someone Served

Premier Detective Agency of Richland specializes in difficult subpoena service in Washington state. Court related subpoena service can be challenging and we regularly locate and ID those hiding from the law.

Loss Prevention

All companies experience a certain percentage of loss. The one thing holding nearly all companies profits is loss prevention from both internal staff and consumers. Let us find out who and how they are doing it.

Spanish Interviews

Our team is 100% fluent in both English and Spanish Mexcian languages which not only ensures quick and steady communication, but also ensures accurate translation to ensure key factors are not misunderstood.

Undercover Operations

Going undercover is sometimes the most effective way in catching criminals at work. Our expereinced team has conducted this for decades and knows how and what to successfully execute covert operations.

What makes us different:

Tactical Foresight

We use a combination of industry experience and skill set along side advanced technology to quickly and discreetly gather evidence. We are licensed, bonded, and insured; and we offer complete detection, surveillence, and security detail.
  • Surveillance Investigations

    We know where to look for clues and have consistantly provided successful results that exceeded our clients expectations.
  • Missing Persons Investigation

    We are detectives who know what to avoid when locating people that do not want to be found or cannot be located.
  • Social Media Investigations

    There may be material on the internet that could damage your reputation or prove a threat to your business
  • Attorneys and Legal Teams

    Whether you need to hire a private investigator to conduct a witness interview or find a missing witnesses or look for we can help.

Awards and Commendations

Agency Citations

-: Our agency employs a diverse group of highly skilled Specialists & Field Operatives within the state of Washington.
All of our Specialists and Field Operatives have previously received formal training through Federal, State and Local agencies. All have former Government Intelligence, Military, Law Enforcement and/or Security training in their respective backgrounds.
  • Medal of Valor

    The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor is the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by public safety officers in the United States, comparable to the military's Medal of Honor.
  • Governor's Award

    Premier Investigations, LLC received the Governor's Award for Organizational Learning and Growth, and Public Benefit and Value.
  • Medal of Commednation

    The Commendation Medal is a mid-level United States military decoration which is presented for sustained acts of heroism or meritorious service.

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